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I'm looking to buy a new HDTV possibly for PC Gaming but mostly TV/Consoles

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User Info: SpacedDuck

4 years ago#1
The last TV I got was a Panasonic Plasma that's a good size around 3 years ago.

I'm just curious if buying one now would even provide a noticeable difference in picture quality vs the one I purchased three years ago?

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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
4 years ago#2
Nearly, none in difference. I still use my 2008 Panasonic LCD & still perform better than nearly all the TV on the same size from this year. They all switched to LED with poor viewing angle.
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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

4 years ago#3
I have last years model, the VT50. The VT60 is already out but the only notable difference is slightly darker blacks. I read the next models actually have significantly better blacks but that's about it.

Just be careful about severe image rentention. I broke my plasma in for at least 2 months before I started gaming on it and I managed to get some that lasted months until I left a pixel protector screen run for 8 hours straight.

User Info: thatfool12Gs

4 years ago#4
Panasonic Plasmas are at the top of line after Pioneer stopped making theirs. You would probably be better off getting a 1440p monitor.
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User Info: ElDudorino

4 years ago#5
You didn't mention what model you have. If you got a good one then there's no reason to replace it now. What was out 3 years ago, the G10? And before that the PZ800/850 (which is what I have)? Seems a bit crazy to upgrade a TV after just 3 years, even though there have been some cool advances lately. Even if you notice a difference up-front it might just be due to Panasonic's infamous black level creep. Hard to say if the difference would persist.

If I were to replace my PZ800U it would only be to upgrade from a 50" to a 60" or something. But if you had like a 720p screen or something then hell yeah you should replace it.

User Info: LB3

4 years ago#6
What is the size and resolution of your current TV?

Nothing really new has been added in the last three years. maybe a few new apps that come with some TVs.
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User Info: Jason_25

4 years ago#7
Plasma technology has not advanced much, since it was already near perfect. More affordable large screen sizes are now available though and things like burn in resistance and power consumption may have improved a little.

User Info: Son Of Spam

Son Of Spam
4 years ago#8
The only thing that will make any major difference for your viewing experience will be getting a bigger TV.

User Info: WerdnAndreW

4 years ago#9
Better quality panel, backlighting, blacks, colors, features, power consumption, and size.
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User Info: SpacedDuck

4 years ago#10
The one I'm looking at replacing is 55"

I honestly can't remember which model it is as its mounted and I can't see behind it to grab it.

I was going to upgrade it to a 65" but really there's no point if picture quality is going to be the same.

The picture looks fine on mine.

Keep/Kept the Faith! Forever a member of Red Sox Nation!
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