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Recommend me some games

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User Info: sonic_man00

4 years ago#1
Just about anything, Just not rated M.
PC > 360 > PS2 > 3DS > PSP > Wii
Windows 8/AMD Dual-Core E-3000/4 GB RAM/ATi Radeon HD 6310/320 GB HD

User Info: ElDudorino

4 years ago#2
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands.

User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#3
Mythlogic-Pollux 1612, Clevo P150em, i7-3720QM, 2GB GTX 680m, 16g DDR3, 128 MSata drive, 750 7200rpm HDD
PowerFAQs 1.10

User Info: Borticus1

4 years ago#4
"Your superior intellects are no match for our puny weapons" - Kang

User Info: MarceloSampaio

4 years ago#5
Realms of Arkania 2013.

/evil laugh
Everything is nice and cool... until the roach starts to fly!

User Info: DownSouth113

4 years ago#6
i5 3570k,Sapphire dual x 7950, 8gb DDR3,ASRock Z77 Pro 4,Apevia Black/Blue X-Trooper, 675 Thermaltake,Windows 8
Steam- Perfectvillain

User Info: greenyoshi46

4 years ago#7
Grand thefth auto 5
(English is not my first language, Swedish is. So respect typos)

User Info: Levitta

4 years ago#8
Ys The Oath in Felghana
Ys Origin
Half Minute Hero
To the Moon
Trails in the Sky has some of the best writing and most fleshed out setting I've seen in a RPG. Now coming to Steam Winter 2013. Sequel confirmed Summer 2014

User Info: ghostwarrior79

4 years ago#9
Click on MY name and check out all the games I rated/played.

OKAY?! ok......
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS PATRIOT
I play LOTS of CALL of DUTY when I'm bored!
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