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Problem with newer geforce drivers?

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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#11
wwarren19 posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
My firefox keeps locking up with the latest video drivers. It locks up my computer completely. Chrome seems to be fine.

I'm going to downgrade tonight

yeah i think firefox is the culprit. i would switch to chrome but its upgrade time for me anyway. 7970 here i come!

Well I'm not giving up Firefox so i hope the 314 fixes it. I already tried updating firefox from 16 to 19 but it didn't help.
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User Info: wwarren19

4 years ago#12
i created a topic that may help with this issue:
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User Info: sknmak

4 years ago#13
I'm definitely going back to 314.22. I've really had no problems with the updates, but the latest one I'm using is 320.49. I was playing Crysis 2 100% maxed out with mods and the game froze. Apparently my drivers stopped responding. I had everything set to default as well [no overclocks]. So that was pretty weird. I'm falling back for sure. I've noticed I usually get a better overclock and better FPS as well.

As far as Firefox goes...I've never had firefox freeze due to the graphics card\drivers. I've had firefox close and freeze, but that was a Adobe issue after a update.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#14
I've been using 326.19 for the cheaper AO. Was using it to make PSO2 look better, and haven't bothered to update since PSO2 completely broke into a million billion pieces again.
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