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Some humble bundle codes,

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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#1
Have some free Humble bundle codes from the past and a code from Guardians of Middle Earth for the PC.

If anyone would like to toss me some codes for the Retro shooter bundle I'd be very appreciative.. maybe just the two games for over six, I can spare the buck for the others, but really interested in System Shock.... Anyway here goes the codes

War of the Roses: King maker - 955PY-ZJP2W-GMF7Q

Warlock - 8WXIH-3JKZ7-FK7CE

Dungeon Land - M3XPY-I5YHL-EIZ5H

Magicak and Crusaders King 2 - TYXLJ-34ZK0-QYBGX
Leviathan Warships - I3LEA-WCVJW-QIHGB

Showdown Effect - JFEXB-9VN50-BY6GK

Trine 2 - RITZV-HA64Z-PR6JH
Brutal Legend - 4 {Edited this because it could be TOS able- begins with G, ends with Y, another word for two people of the same sex who get together) 2-WX428-MXE3K
Mark of Ninja - BGYKW-KTVZN-7QWQG

GOME - Company of Dwarves - 922MQ-9CQJV-EE9CD
GOME - Smaug's Treasure - 086EA-C5ZT7-93J76
GOME - Warrior's Pack - X325W-ZNIKB-JNJYT

Those are all the codes I have that were unused, good luck with grabbing them, if anyone wants to help me out with the Retro Shooter games feel free, if not.. meh no biggy, enjoy the free codes.

Also please atleast toss a thank you, or this guy's legit after you redeem a code, thanks.
Xboxlive - Orge Lambart , Steam ID - Orge Lambart

User Info: McPoon

4 years ago#2
Thanks man, I got War of The Roses.

User Info: garyjpaterson

4 years ago#3
Tried the Showdown Effect and Brutal Legend, both been used before :( At least say when you use them folks! Thanks anyway TC.
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User Info: MissHedgehog

4 years ago#4
Same for magicka and crusader kings... :( Too bad! But you're awesome anyway ;)
3DS FC 5043-2061-7637

User Info: seabass95

4 years ago#5
They are all taken, some ruthless fellows didnt even leave some posts.

User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#6
sorry here goes a Europe Universalis 3 code


A valley without Wind 1 n 2 code

Xboxlive - Orge Lambart , Steam ID - Orge Lambart

User Info: analogman

4 years ago#7
thanks! got Europe Universalis 3. you are awesome.
check my quote :DD

User Info: Mackorov

4 years ago#8
darn it, late again

User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#9
Dang, I missed out.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#10
no problem going to go check on my account and see if I have any other left over keys.
Xboxlive - Orge Lambart , Steam ID - Orge Lambart
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