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Can't figure out how to overclock my GTX 650ti.

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  3. Can't figure out how to overclock my GTX 650ti.

User Info: GhettoLogistics

4 years ago#1
I purchased a Gigabyte GTX 650ti 2GB OC edition graphics card. Some review sites have written up about overclocking the card to something like 1175mhz core and something like 6.4Ghz effective memory clock. My issue is that my changes in OC programs like MSI Afterburner and Gigabyte OC Guru II don't seem to be sticking. I'm using Furmark, and the included GPU Shark utility which does show my changes as occuring. However when I run Furmark's burn-in, the stock frequencies are displayed. Do I need to do something to "unlock" my card for OCing? Also, CPU-Z has a graphics tab but for me it only shows that I have a 650ti, everything else is blank. Won't show clocks or voltage. Anyone have any ideas?

User Info: GipFace

4 years ago#2
Why would you want to OC a 650ti? You should've gotten the 650ti Boost or 660 for a few dollars more. OCing a graphics card is pointless unless you get the 1st tier or 2nd tier card and then OC it further.

This isn't like a CPU OC where you can get $1000 performance for $250.
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  3. Can't figure out how to overclock my GTX 650ti.

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