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GATV now on steam

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User Info: XxTwisted26xX

4 years ago#11
LOL ty for the heads up! DLed it for when I eventually buy SR4
Steam: xxtwisted26xx
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User Info: OmegaDL50

4 years ago#12
If anyone plans to buy Saints Row 4 in the future, just to let you know you can register this DLC to your steam account now whiles it free instead of paying for it when you eventually buy the game.

Edit - XxTwisted26xX beat me to it.
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User Info: Z2488

4 years ago#13
That's actually kind of funny. I don't have SR IV yet, but the third game was alright and I like how everything is humor based so I'll probably be picking it up when I have some spare cash.
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User Info: Cobra152004

4 years ago#14
DerPancake posted...
SpaceMarineZack posted...
Why did I read that as GTAV now on Steam

So did I :/

Same here. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

User Info: superstud69x

4 years ago#15

Is that Bruno Mars?
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#16
Lol. Downloading for later.

User Info: DARQ MX

4 years ago#17
SpaceMarineZack posted...
Why did I read that as GTAV now on Steam

Actually you read GATV.
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