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120Hz or 1440p monitor?

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User Info: aamir69

3 years ago#1
I am thinking of upgrading my old 1080p monitor but i am confused between 120Hz or 1440p.

Usually I don't like small fonts & icons so in that case I would go with 120Hz monitor but about fluid movement, is it only in games where you can achieve higher fps or it includes movies too?

User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#2
Movies are usually at 24fps.

I'd go with 1440p personally.
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#3
A nice high res IPS panel makes everything look better.
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#4
You can change the scaling of the fonts/icons on the desktop. Games just look so damned good at 1440p, it was a huge improvement. Not only that, but the actual panels are high quality and look so good. Plus some 1440p can overclock to 100-120+.
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User Info: MasterDonGero

3 years ago#5
If you can't net more than 60 FPS in games, there is absolutely no reason to get a 120 Hz monitor.
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User Info: drewh

3 years ago#6
I love my 1440p monitor. Noticeable increase in graphics. However, VRAM usage increases by a lot. For example, BF3 uses 2.1 GB.
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User Info: aamir69

3 years ago#7
Thanks for the input, I am upgrading my monitor basically for a better BF4 experience. When i play at 1440p, is it going to make objects smaller?

User Info: Smakkyoface

3 years ago#8
MasterDonGero posted...
If you can't net more than 60 FPS in games, there is absolutely no reason to get a 120 Hz monitor.

If someone can't get more than 60fps in games, then theres no way they can even hope to play at 1440p...
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User Info: SScorpio

3 years ago#9
BF3 at 5670x1080 in 3d is pretty amazing, so BF4 should be even better.

120hz at your desktop while you aren't gaming is much nicer on your eyes.

If you really care about high resolution get one of these:

Just not the 120hz on it is the fake 120hz that TVs have, not the true 120hz like a monitor has.

User Info: PathlessBullet

3 years ago#10
Meh. I can't go back to peasant status 1440p after having experienced the glorious superiority of retina.
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