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When was the last time you used a REALLY slow computer?

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User Info: brainlack

4 years ago#31
Dr Jackal posted...
I was going through an old laptop from 2002 that had Windows XP. I think it had like 256 MB of RAM an 8 GB HDD and forget the processor.

It took like 10 minutes to boot up to where I could actually click on a file and it actually be selected. This thing went so slow. I double clicked a folder and it took 45 seconds to open. Absolutely insane. Typing text was all laggy.

I opened up some software and the whole thing almost bogged down completely. I connected a USB drive to copy some old photos over. When I "stopped" the device on the taskbar, it took 2 minutes for the message to pop up that it is ok to remove.

I'll tell you, using slow computers is like going through major surgery. Absolute torture.

my professors laptop yesterday it was win 7 and login takes 5 min lol to many bloated applications in a sony laptop
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User Info: Mega_Tyrant

4 years ago#32
Probably about 3 years ago. My cousin's old pc. It was on the verge of failing, Petium 3 system with 128 MB of ram and running Windows 97.
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