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Does anyone else here miss the days when you have a game disc?

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  3. Does anyone else here miss the days when you have a game disc?

User Info: eddy1nsane

4 years ago#31
Game disk? I still have a floppy from my first game. I actually horde a lot of games back then. now with less space, I was forced to back-up all my games to HD.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#32
Back when digital games were still full price, I still preferred them over having to install with a CD, sometimes even requiring a CD in the tray to play the game. I used to take some games I played enough and made a virtual drive with the .ISO, or just got a no cd key, like in Neverwinter Nights. Do not miss the disc format. Also I would have no room if I had all those games I now have in physical form.
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User Info: SnipeStar

4 years ago#33
pfantzypantz posted...
Digital Storm posted...
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User Info: 30aught6

4 years ago#34
Don't miss having my optical drive whirr every time I wanted to play a game.

Or having to swap out disks because there weren't (m)any freeware, ISO mounting tools available.

User Info: CC Ricers

CC Ricers
4 years ago#35
spookyxelectric posted...
Benefit of digital games: awesome sales on Steam, GOG and GMG. Benefit of physical copies: less downloading, so less waiting to play your games.

Unless you buy them in a physical store, waiting for the game to ship defeats the wait of long downloads, though :<

I'm in the minority in that I like to have the disc whenever possible. I scour eBay and Amazon for deals on lots for older games I want to play. But I prefer those standard sized cases as with console games. Those bulky PC game cases are pointless without a big manual or several disks.
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User Info: farigonti

4 years ago#36
Big nope. I play like 8-10 games simultaneously and would probably be discouraged to do that if I needed the disc (no-cd cracks aside). If I'm traveling, I'm not gonna bring 8 discs with me. ---- that.
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User Info: El_Kaz

4 years ago#37
Last year, when I installed my new SSD, I disconnected my optical drive to re-arrange the wires, and forgot to reconnect it before closing up.
I only noticed ~4 months later, and not even because I tried using it, but because I opened my case to dust it off and noticed a loose wire.
So no...
Wait... what?

User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#38
I miss some things about that time, but I actually prefer digital download now. I just don't enjoy all the fun new types of DRM they keep pushing these days.
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User Info: greenyoshi46

4 years ago#39
I only buy games on disc
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User Info: GoIrish80

4 years ago#40
Nope, not at all.
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