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What were you playing on September 11, 2001?

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User Info: Evrai_Terrule

4 years ago#141
Yahoo! Towers. I still remember being in high school and playing Yahoo! Towers every morning in the computer lab before starting classes. When we found out what was going on I remember going into the nearby Engineering class and all watching the news there.

User Info: ggf162

4 years ago#142
Since I was 4 1/2, I was probably playing with my feet and such.
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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#143
I can't remember. It was one or more of the following:
Spyro the Dragon
Crash Bandicoot

I loved those games.

Also, the posts about what you were doing when you heard the news of the plane crashes have nothing to do with what the title is asking, unless you heard the news while you were playing a game.

User Info: __starsnostars

4 years ago#144
Pretty sure I didn't play anything that day.

User Info: JackApostrophe

4 years ago#145
I don't know if I played any games on that particular day, but I do know that I was playing Final Fantasy X around that time.

I did have my very first job interview on September 11th, though. Didn't go too well, since I went home long enough between it and school to watch some TV...

User Info: stalker_san

4 years ago#146
I remember that day there was no Dragonball Z on TV due to permanent news coverage. Don't know what I played that day though.
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User Info: ReyMilansteryo

4 years ago#147
Pokemon on my GBC i guess( didnt know which one)
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User Info: DocsDeLorean

4 years ago#148
I'm pretty sure I played Zelda: Oracle of Seasons for a few minutes that day. Most of the time my family was watching the news.

User Info: redFOX381

4 years ago#149
Eluhmentree skool
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User Info: Mithreindeer

4 years ago#150
Everquest. Chilling in Southern Ro. Crazy.
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  3. What were you playing on September 11, 2001?

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