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What were you playing on September 11, 2001?

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User Info: CBZ652

4 years ago#231
I had a calculus exam I had to take. Unfortunately, the professor refused to postpone the exam and I failed it big time.
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User Info: Trance_Fan

4 years ago#232
capcom vs snk 2 import ps2 when it just came out

yeah i skipped class with a bunch of friends and after our game we saw on tv the first plane crashed then we saw the 2nd hit live
i think it's nice

User Info: Master_Faust

4 years ago#233
On 9/11? Hmmm...let me dwell into my memories...hmmm...
I'm not entirely sure, since it was very long ago, but...I think that, back then, I was playing these particular ones:
Shadow Hearts (Japanese), Dino Crisis 2, Unreal Tournament (PC), Soul Calibur, Chrono Cross, X - Beyond The Frontier.
I play these anytime and at any place: "Guitar Freaks" series, "Silent Hill" series, "The King of Fighters" series, X series, DDR.

User Info: Icepaw001

4 years ago#234
I was in school when it happened.

User Info: Harui_Komah

4 years ago#235
I was at one of my first days of AIT for the Army. I think it was the very first day we got to Redstone arsenal. Since they didn't really have a spot for us yet (the previous graduating class hadn't left yet), they were trying to find things for us to do. I was sitting in the hallway of an office complex waiting to be assigned a duty. A small TV in the room opposite me started showing the reports. All I could really think was, "I'm living through history."

User Info: VideoGameBlitz

4 years ago#236
Diablo 2: LoD

mmmmm good times.
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User Info: Ynefelx

4 years ago#237
Nothing. I was working night shift and got home from work to watch some TV before going to bed and whatever I was watching got interrupted with the breaking news.
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User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#238
Ultima Online.
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User Info: Zarchonia

4 years ago#239
BlueRamza posted...

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User Info: jimm120

4 years ago#240
I was playing basketball. During Gym...2nd period.

After we got out of Gym, some students said a small plane (as in the kind that the Wright brothers flew lol) had crashed.

DUring that time....hmm...don't know...Probably something on the Dreamcast or PS1.
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