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What were you playing on September 11, 2001?

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User Info: mooreandrew58

4 years ago#81
I don't think I played any video games that day. came home annoyed my football practice got cancelled over it, and went to sleep. it didn't really hit me what happened that day untill the next day. I mean I knew what happened but idk I guess it just had not sunk in yet

User Info: Gwendal

4 years ago#82
Not 100% sure, but I think it was Breath of Fire 4. At least I remember playing it in the days right afterwards. I also played a lot of Diablo 2 around that time, so that's another possibility.
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User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

4 years ago#83
I was sitting in German class.

User Info: MI2Dragon

4 years ago#84
Playing badminton as part of Physical Education.
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User Info: Monopoman

4 years ago#85
uncle_Descartes posted...
School. It was Tuesday and we were supposed to get Hardee's, but we were sent home on buses early. Everyone was excited and happy since we were about 10 years old, but then the bus driver yelled at us and said

You shouldn't be happy! 50 MILLION PEOPLE JUST DIED IN NEW YORK!

Yeah he was off by a bit... I went home and played GameCube.

That is quite the accomplishment dude, the Gamecube hit US stores on November 18th 2001, the JP version was in stores on September 14th 2001.

So you must have had contacts inside Nintendo to get it that early.

User Info: KarnRX78

4 years ago#86
If I played games that day it was probably Perfect Dark. I don't think I played a game that day though considering I lived in New Jersey at the time I kind of had more important things to worry about. Couple people in my neighborhood were killed in the attack. What sticks out to me the most about that day still is how quiet it was outside. No cars on the road, no planes in the skies, no one outside. I was surreal, something you don't forget.
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User Info: DoctorVic

4 years ago#87
I was in high school when it happened, the principal came over the loud speaker and announced "I don't want to alarm anyone, but the United States is under terrorist attack." She got fired.
I also remember punching this one kid in the face because he was laughing at a few students who were crying because their parents worked in the WTC. I'm from NY, so when school let out, you could see all the smoke in the air above the city, the wind was actually carrying it towards my town so you could even smell it. I was glued to the news, and like others, was expecting WW3 to start.

R.I.P to everyone who lost their lives that day.
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User Info: Daz_man123

4 years ago#88
September 11, 2011? How the hell are we meant to know what we were playing yet alone know what we were doing? Why pick a random date, why not something like christmas 2001?

User Info: Aegis_Runestone

4 years ago#89
I was at school when it happened. No games that day.
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User Info: BDSM

4 years ago#90
A MU*.

Vampire Wars. (the somewhat stolen "classic" version by Joker)
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