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Should I buy the Total War Grandmaster Collection?

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User Info: dontcallmeal

4 years ago#1
I just fell in love with the series at my friend's house after he let me play a bunch of them.

Do you think this package is worth it? Does it really include everything up until the new Rome game?

Did it ever go on sale?

User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

4 years ago#2
GOes on sale fairly regularly, it will almost for sure be on sale during the fall sale. If you NEED NEED NEED to get a total war right now, then let me make the following recommendations.

Shogun II: Fall of the Samurai - doesn't require the base game to play, and lets you have an army with American Marines, and Ninjas. The base game and the other expansion are fun, but have problems with unit variety.

Empire: Total War - probably has the biggest overworld map, which you may or may not appreciate. Diverse, fun units, good mod support.

Medieval II: Total War - probably the best mod support of any total war game.

I'd say go with any of the three. the original Rome still holds up well, but it does feel a little weird playing Rome with Rome II just released.
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User Info: dontcallmeal

4 years ago#3
good advice. ill just wait for the fall sale.

i just got a gaming pc so i missed the summer sale :(

but yeah fall of the samurai looks amazing.


User Info: emmece

4 years ago#4
Yes you should wait for the inevitable steam sale and save yourself alot of money. You should be able to pick up individual titles for 5 dollars.
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