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So... EA's new CEO...

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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#11
r0ge00 posted...
dermoratraken posted...
I like how making good games isn't his first priority. You'd think with all that bs he'd have at least pretended it was.

Why? People will buy The Sims, Madden, FIFA, etc in droves either way.

Well all of those are very good games, and FIFA is by far the best supported franchise with constant updates, and EA quickly patches any problem that arises.
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User Info: blade6321

3 years ago#12
SinisterSlay posted...
That entire speech is lifted from the "big book of business BS" or the 4b for short.

Just ignore it, he used 300 words to say nothing, as typical of any business communication.
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User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#13
if the way your working is making an acceptable amount of money, why in these tough economic times would you gamble and make changes?

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#14
johnny_pay posted...
if the way your working is making an acceptable amount of money, why in these tough economic times would you gamble and make changes?

You are correct, however what usually kills companies is that they don't change direction quick enough to keep up with the market. What happens if suddenly everyone hates COD and sports games, and JRPG's become king again. EA would crumble because they never branched out.

Let me put it another way.

The big oil companies, they all know that when oil runs out, or another cheaper fuel is invented, they will be put out of business. So they are actually the biggest investors in alternative fuels. They want to be ready to branch out should a new fuel be discovered. Or be ready to crush it if necessary.

EA needs to start testing the waters, make a few medium budget games for niche markets to see if they grow or die. They need to do this while they have the money to throw around, not when the oil runs out and they no longer have the money to branch out.

From what I can tell, they are making some attempts at this, like the new sim city. But even that's not really anything new, its a re-invention of an old idea.
We also see EA making free to play games on mobile devices, again, a good idea. Check out Real Racing 3. It's a surprisingly good free to play game for mobile.
We already know mobile is growing, so branching into mobile is a good idea.
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User Info: Davel23

3 years ago#15
DerPancake posted...
Good bye John, you will be missed.

He was very good friends with Gabe Newell.

Holy crap, Emperor Palpatine was running EA? That explains so much!
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