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Why exactly do rockstar delay the PC release of GTA's?

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User Info: Zeusty

3 years ago#41
DV8ingSources posted...
uncle_Descartes posted...
either way it's definitely more than clicking a torrent and performing a few file swaps at most.

Hardly... jtagging is incredibly easy. PC users also have to sift through many fake torrents or deal with many issues on a game by game basis. There is so much less effort in console piracy now. Just download and burn. No cracks, no swaps, no performance worries, no virus worries...

Still I'm not arguing to the contrary. PC has more pirates. It is easier in the physical sense as you don't need to do any burning or hookups. More effort though? Not so sure.

Jesus apparently no one in this topic besides uncle_Descartes understands the difference between ease and effort.

User Info: uncle_Descartes

3 years ago#42
beanymonkey posted...
I love seeing people blaming privacy for Rockstars refusal to make a PC port. When the Xbox360 version of the game is one of the most pirated games right now.

But it's also one of the highest-selling games in history, easily beating the latest CoD. Certainly the proportion of pirates to buyers matters more.

Now how much of that $800M would R* have if gamers could choose between standing outside for a midnight release vs. clicking a torrent file for a superior version of a game at no cost?

User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#43
It's also likely that they focus on the console versions to appease the publisher. The publisher probably doesn't give a rat's hairy arse about the PC port, so they rush the console versions out the door and then take their sweet time on the PC version.
You guys just took a dump on my soul - mastahjebus - Petition to make phone unlocking legal again

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#44
uncle_Descartes posted...
Implying that there weren't torrents of GTA V for PS3 and 360 before it even released?
Insert generic offensive/slightly racist/holier than thou/fanboy/douchebag/elitist comment here.
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