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PS2 games that are also PC games?

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User Info: AsucaHayashi

4 years ago#21
RE4 but then again... which platform "hasn't" it appeared on yet?
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#22
DV8ingSources posted...
TimePharaoh posted...
Metal Gear 2 isn't a PS2 game

Semantics. You knew what they meant.

NES game but no one really played those. Clearly was referring to Metal Gear Solid 2.

Actually was exclusive to the MSX2, until it was included in MGS3: Subsistence. Unless you were referring to Snakes Revenge, but that's not in canon.

Again though, semantics.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#23
The MGS2 port was so bad that at this point you're better off emulating the PS2 version.
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User Info: DetectivPenguin

4 years ago#24
Lol this is strange. My original playthrough of MGS2 was on PC and I don't remember having any issues with it outside of the fact that you didn't play as Snake xD. I was just so psyched to be playing a metal gear game.
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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

4 years ago#25
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
GTA: Vice City
GTA: San Andreas

User Info: Coffee_Nurse

4 years ago#26
They should release the Metal Gear Solid HD collection for PC. That would warrant a third purchase of it for me.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#27
DV8ingSources posted...
TimePharaoh posted...
Metal Gear 2 isn't a PS2 game

Semantics. You knew what they meant.

NES game but no one really played those. Clearly was referring to Metal Gear Solid 2.

It's actually not semantics at all when it's an entirely different game....

That's like saying "I want Mario for Christmas" and you get Hotel Mario...
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 years ago#28
Jprime666 posted...
DV8ingSources posted...
MarceloSampaio posted...
Have you payed attention to whom you quoted?!?

You can't extract something useful from his posts. EVER.

Oh I wasn't trying to educate him as he clearly knew what he was on about. I was just explaining to other posters why he said that. So while I quoted him, the message wasn't directed at him necessarily.

Yeah he's a troll but he's one of the more educated/coherent ones.

I like him, he's an endearing troll, unlike Ning who is just annoying.

Chaos Legion got a pc port
Did the Tom Clancy games of the time get ports?

Uh...all the Splinter Cell games?

Also, Advanced Warfighter(though they play so differently from what I've heard that it's almost 2 different games).

Rainbow Six as well.
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User Info: 1009delta

4 years ago#29
Dynasty warriors 4 was also released on pc.
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User Info: Marikhen

4 years ago#30
Snadados posted...
Emulator = all of them.

NicoC96 posted...
Even allows you to use your own discs!

While PCSX2 is a solid program it doesn't work for every game. Games that use the engine behind Champions of Norrath and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, for example, are almost utterly unplayable, and by that I mean you can technically play them, but the graphics are so distorted it's impossible to tell what you're doing most of the time, the audio is so distorted that you really need to mute it, and you have to disable movies lest they freeze up the emulator.

That's a fairly extreme example though. Other games like Dragon Quest 8 and Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter suffer consistent and persistent issues with slowdown while other games like Final Fantasy X and sprite-based games suffer graphical corruption when you increase the resolution beyond the PS2's system default. Final Fantasy X looks great at 1440x900, for example, but having extra little bits of white from the text here and there as it scales up poorly can get on your nerves. Likewise sprites in games that use them often tend to have boxes/outlines around them. Games like SoulCalibur 2 have slowdown issues that are bad enough to render the game difficult to enjoy playing at best whereas the aforementioned examples are still relatively playable.

On top of all of that if you tweak the settings for PCSX2 to make the "slower" games more playable you quickly run the risk of making the emulator less stable and more prone to CTD'ing.

/shrugs. For the most part it works very well, I won't say otherwise, but those instances where it works less than perfectly can sometimes be rather stellar in how badly it works. So long as you don't use it expecting that every game will work perfectly, or even just nearly so, you'll do great using it.
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