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Free Steam key for Bastion and LIMBO

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User Info: SirDoof

4 years ago#1
I received these from the humble bundle, but I've already purchased them in the past.

Have at'em!


Bastion - P9W2X-5PJWN-BYJ4B

User Info: Lootman

4 years ago#2
Both taken now by someone.
\(._.)/ Kanakiri posted...
._.)/ I think you broke Lootman guys

User Info: GabrielVan

4 years ago#3
I snagged them both. I meant to come back and post that I had them but I forgot. Just got a query for a CD-Key on my account so I'm assuming it was for these.

Thanks for the keys! I already had FTL and didn't care about Fez so I only bought the lower tier for HB 9. When these popped up I was sad I didn't buy the bigger bundle so thank you!
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