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new chrome update has added huge google search to tab page

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User Info: LordSeifer

3 years ago#21
mine has a search but no google logo
^ this

User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#22
Mine just updated a couple mins ago and now I got the search bar...
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#23
wildog2006 posted...
you can use the address bar as a search bar. has no one figured this out besides me?

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User Info: member1982

3 years ago#24
crap i got the search bar as well now.
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User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#25
I got it too. This sucks. Whenever I open a new tab, it's just blank. I have to click on apps now. 1 more click. :(
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

3 years ago#26
>mfw people type "" to go google search something

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#27
well, finally got the update. suddenly TC isn't so crazy.
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User Info: CC Ricers

CC Ricers
3 years ago#28
That's lame. Chrome has a built-in omnibar already.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#29
From the other topic on this:
From: o0stoneduk0o | #006
Type 'about:flags' into web address bar and press enter.
Then ctrl+f (search page) for 'Enable Instant Extended API'.
Change the drop down box to Disabled.
A relaunch now button will appear, click that.
Then shazam! Old new tab page is back :)

Someone else said it should be chrome://flags but about:flags works just as well (or it did for me)

User Info: ihumpmypillow89

3 years ago#30
KaiRyusaki posted...
>mfw people type "" to go google search something

More accurate chain of events:

>click location bar and drag the mouse to select all the text
>move mouse to arrow on far right
>types into Google search
>clicks link.

Even better is when they use the google search bar on FF/IE to search and select the first link that leads to |
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