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1440p monitors

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User Info: MeSatuRday

4 years ago#1
Hi. So im going to build a computer soon and i was wondering what would be a good 1440p monitor for around 200-700€, mainly for gaming.

User Info: Shub

4 years ago#2
That's a pretty wide price range. I don't know how much the Dell U2713HM costs in Europe these days, but you can get it for $600-650 in the US. That would be my recommendation for a full-featured 2560x1440 monitor backed by a great warranty/customer service.
Your alternatives are the cheapo Korean monitors found all over eBay (e.g. Crossover).
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User Info: datopgamer

4 years ago#3
There is also the Asus PB278Q monitor which is a bit cheaper than the Dell monitor. There are the ones from eBay which are shipped from Korea so you are taking a risk there in getting a bad monitor. Some sellers will work with you though so you don't have to pay shipping back. I ordered mine from monoprice, but I am not sure if they ship outside the US.
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