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Laptop for college, under $800?

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User Info: dayne195

3 years ago#1
Hey, so I need a new laptop for college. My 7lb one is too heavy. Here's what I want

3 or 4 lbs
Ability to run some older games
Good trackpad
$800 or less

I was looking at the macbook air, but its just so expensive for what you get, even with build quality figured in. Thanks!
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User Info: cancerstorm

3 years ago#2
buy a cheaper thinkpad and put in your own ssd. under $800 you're not going to play anything with settings other than low, especially if you're looking for ssd, 3-4 lbs

3-4 lbs
ability to play games on low

pick three

User Info: Javelin

3 years ago#3
Yeah, under 4lbs + SSD automatically pushes you into the higher than $800 range.

This is about as close as a laptop gets to your conditions:

If you're willing to push that budget of yours higher, there's this (customize it with an SSD):
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