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nvidia users: new 327.23 WHQL driver is out.

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User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#51
vikithewaffu posted...
JKatarn posted...
Boge posted...
JKatarn posted...
How is it stability-wise? I've heard nothing but horror stories about the last few official driver releases, did they fix the (supposed) blue-screen/graphical corruption issues?

*edit* - reading the comments it looks like the driver still isn't quite "cooked", I guess I'm going to stick to 314.22 for now - a few FPS here and there isn't worth a stability nightmare.

Ha ha ha! And here everyone complained about AMD drivers and praised Nvidia drivers.

I'm still on 314.22 as well. I haven't heard anything good about Nvidia drivers since.

There's also the problem of distinguishing genuine issues with a driver from people who are running 200 processes/have overheating/overvolting issues etc. that are exacerbated from new driver releases putting more strain on their systems. Still, I'm playing it safe for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of those issues are due to user error.

I haven't changed voltages for my graphics card or done any overclocking that the factory that made card has not done already. I don't run lots of processes or even play gpu intensive games.
I don't even overclock my cpu and left it at default.

I'm sure you haven't, I'm just saying that it can be difficult sometime for them to discern genuine issues with a driver vs. system, software, or configuration issues on the user's end.
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