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Poll: anybdy else not give a f*** about GTAV?

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User Info: r0ge00

4 years ago#21
Not right now. Maybe some day. I'm sure it's a good game, but I haven't played a GTA game since Vice City and don't feel like paying full price for something I might not be that into.

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

4 years ago#22
Not really. The GTA games have never really grabbed me. I honestly feel like they're the weakest of Rockstar's offerings. If it were a new Bully or a new Red Dead, I'd be on-board. Hell, I'd already own it and double-dip when the PC release came around.

As it stands? I might check it out when it's on the cheap.
By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings.

User Info: animanganime

4 years ago#23
I care very much, that's why I bought it the day it came out and currently about 20 missions in.
There'a a good chance I will sell it when I am done with it so I can get the majority of my money back, and then pay for the PC version when that comes out, so that I can get the best of both worlds without the wait.
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  3. Poll: anybdy else not give a f*** about GTAV?

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