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Anyone used Oblanc UFO 5.1 headset?

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  3. Anyone used Oblanc UFO 5.1 headset?

User Info: Jenfromwin

4 years ago#1
Its on sale at newegg and just wondering if its any good. Seems like the company is sorta new not very many reviews

User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#2
Well, it's yellow, so there is that. | |

User Info: r0ge00

4 years ago#3
Looks like a worse version of the Syberia V2, which is already mediocre. I'd avoid it.

User Info: Jenfromwin

4 years ago#4
Well I have the Creative Fatal1ty headset and the cups are so small and it kills my ears so I've been trying to find a new set.

User Info: Crimson_Jesus

4 years ago#5
protip: get regular headphones and a standalone mic
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User Info: AMDZFan

4 years ago#6
I've got these headphones:

connected to a

And everything sound ****ing incredible. Music is outstanding and I have no issue at all saying it's the best music setup I've ever had. Games are insanely good too and I can make out any sound from anywhere with ease.

Supposedly, these are an improvement:

And for a mic, I have a

With a mic stand, pop filter, and foam shield to eliminate reflected sound waves.

You can get better mics, but I often take this with me on the go. Plus it's still an incredibly good mic for the price. I get tons of compliments in games about how good my voice sounds.

That all is probably a bit excessive, but I can actually guarantee its quality. These 280s have been with me for quite awhile and the Samson GoMic has survived many travels over the past 2 years and I've not had a single issue. Considering my many previous headphone & mic combos have never lasted more than a year while also sounding like unadulterated **** in comparison, I'd just recommend spending the extra money now on this type of modular setup with reasonable quality components. The cheap route has never been kind to me.
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User Info: HellsAdvisor

4 years ago#8
For even better longevity I would recommend the Shure SRH440 as they have a detachable cable as well and fantastic sound quality from what I've heard.

AMDZfan is definitely right with the Samson Mic, it's small, portable and will likely give you better quality than the Headset you picked out.

Combos like that are usually marketed with the "gamer" headphone tagline which in reality just means wacky design choices and overall worse quality in each individual component.

The above combo will only run you maybe $30 more than you would've paid, but will last far longer than I expect almost any "gaming" headset to last.
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  3. Anyone used Oblanc UFO 5.1 headset?

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