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Buying a controller for PC

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User Info: Lootman

4 years ago#1
Wired 360 controller or
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User Info: 01Philip01

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

4 years ago#3
Dualshock 3 and a bluetooth dongle.
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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#4
Pyrotechnixxx posted...
Dualshock 3 and a bluetooth dongle.

Why? The F310 supports X-input natively, has a better d-pad than the 360 controller (though not as good as DualShock, I'll admit), has the same analog stick layout as DualShock, and the buttons are labeled ABXY (like for the 360 controller), so it won't be stupidly mismatched when playing games like the DualShock 3 is.

User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#5
I had a Logitech wireless controller for a few months. Git tired of ducking around with it so I picked up a wired 360 controller and regret starting off with it.
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User Info: EStar999

4 years ago#6
Why not this:

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#7
Lootman posted...
Wired 360 controller or

flip a coin really. both of those controllers are good

I'd go 360 because I like off set thumbsticks but I also like the D and Xinput option of that logitech controller
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User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#8
I have a Logitech Wireless F710 on my HTPC and it's great. I have a wired xbox controller on this PC. i do prefer the layou of the xbox, but in everything else the logitech is perfect for me.
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