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Asus wifi problem

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User Info: murphy230

3 years ago#1
Hello, I have been experiencing extremely slow wifi speeds with my asus Pce adapter I had the n15 it was slow, so I thought it was defective. So I bought the n53 adapter and I'm getting the exact same speed. Anywhere from 4-15 mbs. But on my laptop, iPhone, galaxy s4 and my girlfriends laptop I get around 40-100 mbs. I have the Asus p8 z77 V LK mono if that makes a difference

It also has full bars of reception
I5 3570k 4.2 Ghz | 2 Gtx 670 ftw 's sli| 1 TB HDD | 16 GB RAM | corsair TX 750 | Samsung 840 pro 256GB | Asus P8 Z77V - LK | Cooler master HAF Tower

User Info: Ep1taph303

3 years ago#2
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