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Dimmdrive worth it?

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User Info: hitokiri13

4 years ago#1

Has anyone tried it?

All it does it loads game files to ram to speed up loading times.
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

4 years ago#2
Have you not heard of RAMdisk??
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User Info: Lemur_H

4 years ago#3

looks like ass tbh

User Info: TimDD

4 years ago#4
Hey guys,

By dumb luck I found this post about Dimmdrive while searching for some Final Fantasy FAQs (I seem to buy Final Fantasy on every computing device known to man, and still get lost in the Fire Cavern).

I'm the creator off Dimmdrive, so maybe I can help answer questions anybody has? Basically the software is a ramdisk built just for gamers, has file synching built right in, and is continually under development to add features that gamers would love.

Oh Lemur ... ^-^ The design is built like that to be super easy to understand and user friendly for people of all types and walks. I picked the big/bubbly design for fun and it is highly under flux, as it'll be changing even this coming week. I like it :)

I'll check this post out a bit over the next few days and see if I can answer any questions anybody has.

Oh, and the 3 of you, hitokiri13, HydroCannabinol, and Lemur_H, hit me up and I'll give you all a copy of the software for freebies. Just send me a PM.

Cheers :)

User Info: TimDD

4 years ago#5
I just realized that my PMs might not work right away as I just registered to respond to this post.

So instead, just create an account on the forums of the site you linked in the OP ( and then tell me your username in this post. I'll upgrade it to a full license of Dimmdrive, freebies as stated :)

That, and bring any questions you have and I'll answer them!

User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

4 years ago#6
How much ram does one need for this to work effectively?
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User Info: samurai1900

4 years ago#7
Looks like my future 64GB RAM would like this a lot.

Indeed, for I was looking for RAM caching yesterday, the wonderful applications of RAM never cease to amaze me.
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User Info: TimDD

4 years ago#8
Hey GMx2,

There are 2 answers:

#1 It varies based on the game you're playing. If your game size is 7GB, and your OS needs 2GB, and the game itself needs 2GB, then you'd want 7+2+2=11 GB total RAM.

... that being said

#2 Dimmdrive is having a big update developed as we speak. It'll allow you the ability to selectively choose which files of a game/program you want to go insanely fast. For example, let's say your 7GB game has 2GB of movie/video files. Well, you don't need those files to be 5000MB/s, so why ramdrive them? Exactly our thought - So with that said, you'd only need 9GB RAM because this feature would allow you to skip certain files you don't want ramdrived.

The #2 feature is being developed and should be released by next weekend *crosses fingers*.

RAM is so cheap these days, the more, the merrier. My development machine has a ton of ram so I can load the entire Bioshock:Infinite into my Dimmdrive. There are no load times between zones, things load instantly, no fps lag drops, pretty insane. Bottom line: The higher tech your PC is, and the higher tech your game is, the more you'll benefit.

Hopefully that answers your questions without being too long winded :)

User Info: Keeperofthedark

4 years ago#9
Perhaps I've finally found a use for my 16 gigs of ram...

User Info: TimDD

4 years ago#10
samurai1900 posted...
Looks like my future 64GB RAM would like this a lot.

Indeed, for I was looking for RAM caching yesterday, the wonderful applications of RAM never cease to amaze me.

You will seriously cry tears of both joy and frustration if you have 64GB of ram and Dimmdrive. The joy tears are self explanatory, but the frustration tears are because you'll realize how much you've been missing out in life without having this.

I'm a big VMWare user, and having VMware on a dimmdrive that peaks approaching 10GB/s is absolutely, hands down, the most ridiculously OP thing ever.
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