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User Info: Levitta

4 years ago#21
Ys The Oath in Felghana:
Sealed Time -
Valestein Castle -
The Boy's Got Wings -
The Strongest Foe -
Believe in my Heart -

Ys Seven:
Vacant Interference -
Mother Earth Altago -
Desert of Despair -
The Place Where Souls Return -

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim:
Quatera Woods -
Release of the Far West Ocean -
The Depth Napishtim -
Reconciled People -

Ys Origin:
Genesis Beyond the Beginning -
Water Prison -
Silent Desert -
Termination -
Determination -

Ys I & II Chronicles:
First Step Towards Wars -
Palace of Destruction -
To Make the end of Battle -
Ice Ridge of Noltia -
Subterranean Canal -

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky:
Silver Will -
Hollow Light of the Sealed Land -
Sophisticated Fight -
Factory City of Zeiss -

Half Minute Hero:
Casablanca -
Main theme -
The Princess Running Through The Grassland -
Desperate Strike -
Ein Soldat -

Radiant Historia:
Blue Radiance -
The Edge of Green -
Affectionate Moment-

Eternal Sonata:
Make the Leap -
Your Truth is My Lie -
A Relaxing Place -
Between Light and Darkness -

Kaine Escape -
Song of the Ancients Devola -
The Dark Colossus Destroys All -
The Wretched Automatons -

Nayuta no Kiseki
For My Precious Friend -
Snowbound Sacred Mountain -
Shrouded in Morning Sun -
A Surge of Impatience -
Win Back Your Heart -
Forgotten City -
Trails in the Sky has some of the best writing and most fleshed out world I've seen in a RPG. Now coming to Steam Winter 2013. Sequel confirmed Summer 2014

User Info: Dinglesteed

4 years ago#22

The Intro song is amazing, but really the entire soundtrack is balls out epic.
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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#23
"PC has a $0 a year maintenance fee. The only money I put into my PC is buying more games. Have fun with your subscription based gaming." -SirisS-G-P

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#24
someguyshand posted...
Just post a damn song. :P

Fine. :V

Ace Combat 5 - The Journey Home (Original placement is played over the radio in one of the last missions)

Ace Combat 4 - Megalith (The ballad to the ultimate final mission. :P)

Ace Combat 4 - Blue Skies (IIRC it was a menu theme...Been so long, can't recall if it played in-game)

User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 years ago#25
Levitta posted...
(List of Falcom Songs and other stuffs)

You missed out:-
Still Waiti- I meant, Crossing Rage:
Road to Solitary Death:
Inevitable Struggle:
To Make the End of Digging (If you're a Ys fan, you'll realise Falcom's stealth pun ^_^):
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User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#26
The soundtrack vom Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken which is now in the new humble bundle really surprised me. It is done by New World revolution:

User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#27
Can't think of many right now. These popped into my head first:

User Info: Rickyxz

4 years ago#28
Nothing beats bastion's soundtracks:

Bonus Sonic song:

User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#29
Steam ID - Som!
Origin - Somonah

User Info: TheOtherGuyX

4 years ago#30
Divine Divinity. Kirill Pokrovsky is the man.

Deus Ex. Synth greatness.

For consoles, Silent Hill.

For old school console chiptunes, Tom Follin was king.
"The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams."
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