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FF14 to run at 60fps 1080p ultra on ps4. Should we be worried?

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User Info: GwynsSonSolaire

3 years ago#1

My 2200$ rig will soon be outmatched by a 400$ ps4
GwynsSonSolaire Topic

User Info: Giblet_Enjoyer

3 years ago#2
haha don't sweat it, kid

User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 years ago#3
Isn't FF14 easy to max?
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#4
once directX11 hit it, it won't...
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#5
The areas in that game are pathetically small, you can't run for two minutes without hitting a load screen, at least not in cities. It's going to run well on the PS4 because they gimped the hell out of it to make sure it ran well on the PS3.
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User Info: smifypz

3 years ago#6
The game isn't that graphically intensive, so it makes sense. Even my rig with only a 660ti ran the beta fine.
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User Info: xKynOx

3 years ago#7
if it was version 1 it would be impressive but ARR is very easy to run,so no not really

User Info: urtv

3 years ago#8
i'll believe it when i see it running behemoth

User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#9
SMBfan13 2.0
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User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#10
It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t mention if the PS4 version will run at 60 FPS stably or will just get there when there isn’t much crowd. A stable 60 FPS framerate would be a quite amazing feat, considering that at the moment you need a rather beefy PC to keep the framerate locked there in the most crowded situations.

That said, he clarified that a DirectX 11 version of the PC client is currently in development, and while the PS4 version will use some of the new DirectX 11 features, it won’t use them all.

Those are two pretty big "buts" right there.
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