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Like Arcade master race, is PC a dying civilization?

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User Info: NicoC96

4 years ago#21
Pre-built gaming PC sales might be going down, but that doesn't mean the number of gamers is going down as well. People might just be throwing in the latest graphics card, or have learnt how to build a PC by themselves. Also, there is less and less reasons to upgrade your computer with every single release of new products. The jump for Sandy Bridge to Ivy wasn't huge, neither was Ivy to Haswell. So of course PC and PC part sales are going down, you are getting a larger return to stick with a computer for 2+ years instead of just 1.

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#22
steveboblarry posted...
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User Info: Keyeszx

4 years ago#23
knightimex posted...
yars posted...
pc prices have been going down for decades.

So has sales, just saying.

How can you actually check the price of PC sales? Laptops, prebuilts, and custom built pc all can't be calculated in your statement that the sales are dropping. Even if they are how do you account for custom built pc since buying a part doesn't equate to a new PC. I think people are more or less upgrading slowly and not outright buying a full set of parts anymore. Your statement has nothing to back it up.
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