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I realize what's hurting games for me these days.

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  3. I realize what's hurting games for me these days.

User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#41
lol @ my post getting moderated

at least the quotes remain, which is what counts.

User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#42
kobalobasileus posted...

This is why in classic 2D Zelda games we could use the hookshot on posts, chests, and other sensible things, but in modern 3D Zelda games we can only use the hookshot on ridiculous targets that look like... targets. I know Zelda isn't on PC, but it's the first franchise where I really noticed how inorganic the exploration puzzles felt after the 2D/3D transition.

In other words, this isn't a "new" phenomenon or the result of "dumbing-down" for "console" gamers, it's an endemic problem with making fun, logical gameplay experiences in 3D.

Well, I don't really agree with those statements. I actually think the early 3D zelda (though even more the 3D Metroid Prime 1-2) are very organic. Are they a "bit" less organic than the 2D games, maybe, but they're still far enough for me.

Maybe its just a case though that Zelda, unlike Metroid, started getting severely dumbed down and got far easier in general. But that is another problem entirely, really.

If Metroid Prime could do it, other games could do it. I guess the extra effort and the fact that it often results in slightly less logical-looking environment puts off developers from doing it when all that matters is the look.
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  3. I realize what's hurting games for me these days.

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