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What's your favorite RPG and why?

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User Info: Psalm51

3 years ago#161
Sadly, I never completed my attempted play through of BG 1 + TotSC, but the blending of great music and game play was near perfect. Wasn't BG 1 + TotSC going to be released for Android? Overhaul Games got it working on IOS, but their promise to port it to Android hasn't been realized yet...
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User Info: TimDD

3 years ago#162
Ultima VII: Part 2 - The Serpent Isle

That game spurred my imagination with the depth and storytelling and wide open sandboxed world.

User Info: MrIsaac01

3 years ago#163
sirtonne posted...
Probably still FF6. It wasn't my first RPG, or even my first FF, but it was the first RPG I really loved and played to death. I still remember paying $90 for it on SNES back in the day because it was so hard to find and in demand where I lived.

I loved the all the characters, the mad Kefka and the subtle little things. Unlike a lot of RPGs, especially WRPGs with their endless text choices and rambling, FF6 let you use your imagination a lot to understand the characters and read between the lines. It was like a good fantasy novel where you feel like you get to know the characters well enough that a tiny little animation at the right time can be worth 1000 words. There were entire sub-plots and story references that went unsaid but were obvious (or mysterious and interesting) if you were paying close enough attention.


User Info: RoutineInsanity

3 years ago#164
Legend of Dragoon. Great story, fantastic cut scenes (for the time) and just had fun battle mechanics It was a nice break from hit button....wait....hit button again...wait. if you wanted to do the full damage, you had to pay attention and learn the timing for the attacks.

User Info: Senkoy

3 years ago#165
Star Ocean 3. Loved the combat system and item creation. The story went to hell towards the end, but I didn't mind that much since I was having so much fun making uber weapons and beating uber bosses with them.
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User Info: TheShadowVI

3 years ago#166
It's gotta be FF6... or Chrono Trigger.
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