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What's your favorite RPG and why?

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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#51
Dragon Quest 5.

-Great story that spans decades
-Cast of important characters who all fill specific strategic roles
-Interesting monster recruiting mechanic
-Solid turn-based battle system
-No excessively grindy job system (those always ruin games for me)

Runners up include:
Final Fantasy 6
Suikoden 2
Baldur's Gate 2

User Info: Tyranius2

3 years ago#52
DiviDude posted...
Only one mention of Chrono Trigger?


I played it and it was mediocre
Recently retired from Anime =[

User Info: 1618dude

3 years ago#53
youneedalife posted...
1618dude posted...
DiviDude posted...
Only one mention of Chrono Trigger?


And why is that a problem?

It certainly isn't a problem.. He probably just believes that such a critically lauded game would get more mentions and such. And of course millions of people around the world would vote for Chrono Trigger as their favorite RPG without a second thought. Those millions of people just happen to NOT be browsing the gamefaqs PC board :p

It's also not too much of a surprise considering this is the PC message board so you definitely expect a lot more people who are into cRPGs like Planescape Torment and BGII... Or at least that's what I expected ha ha.

Yeah... I didn't meant that in a wrong way though. I was just surprised that he even mentioned that. It seemed like people are supposed to enjoy chrono trigger or some other jrpg above others rpgs (I'm wrong btw, It just the way I wrongly understood that).

Anyway... Not a huge fan of jrpg (as matter of fact, I dislike most of them), but there's one that I actually enjoyed pretty much. Final Fantasy Tactics. I wasn't expecting much of this one since I never really liked the final fantasy series, but this final fantasy in particular had a quite interesting theme and somewhat a more mature and violent plot. I kinda liked the main protagonist too. Gameplay was fun, but somewhat easy. I guess I gimped my characters just to make the game a little more challenging by the time that I played, but it was a good game and quite the surprise for me. Despite my dislike for jrpg, there are still a few more that I enjoyed besides FFT, but this one was my favorite of them.

User Info: CathickleSquall

3 years ago#54
Phantasy Star Online Ep. I&II+
I have well over 1000 hours into two characters.
Any-who, I don't have a life.
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User Info: ReyMilansteryo

3 years ago#55

its basicly San Andreas on PC with the mods and very interesting side quests
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User Info: BlackWizardMagus

3 years ago#56
Chrono Trigger. Because, well, obviously. Outside of that, I don't really have a ranking system for them. I definitely lean towards games from before this generation, though, with a few exceptions.
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User Info: fallenangel2100

3 years ago#57
.hack series, great strory

Star ocean till the end of time (bring on the hate)

Dragonage series

Dark souls

User Info: foreverzero14

3 years ago#58
I can't pick one favorite. I started with FFVII (like most of my generation) and went from there. I'm loving the Shin Megami Tensei franchise lately because of the darker themes and interesting characters. Always have a place in my heart for Chrono Trigger, and I played the hell out of the Mass Effect trilogy.
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User Info: yggdrasil9

3 years ago#59
Tales of Symphonia. I loved the characters and it was the first RPG that actually felt like characters were really fighting. I was amazed by the ATB system of FF4 but this took it to the next level.

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

3 years ago#60

Such an overlooked game. It's basically a supped up Fallout.
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