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What's so bad about The Old Republic?

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User Info: ElDudorino

4 years ago#21
I got the game when it was new (pre-F2P), played for a couple weeks with a friend and then dropped the game and never re-subscribed. I had a LOT of problems with the game.

The good: Some of the stories were really cool.

The bad:

- Class imbalance. Some classes just clearly were not as good.

- Number of classes. You get 4 on each side, with a few differences between Empire and Republic, and then you can further specialize each class into one of two sub-classes, but it really did feel like just different specs of 4 main classes.

- No major differences between races.

- If you play multiple characters, you're going to do all the same quests on all the same planets over and over and over. No diversity.

- Instances (Flashpoints) seem REALLY cool when you do the first one for each faction... then you realize that it's the only cool one. The subsequent ones lack polish and are mostly pretty pointless.

- Most equipment doesn't change your appearance that dramatically, but when it does, it's because your new pants are actually a purple skirt.

- Once you find cool-looking equipment, you are SET FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. You can find or purchase customizable (orange) equipment in the beginning of the game and it will consistently be the best equipment you can use. You'll find equipment drops constantly but there will be zero motivation to use it because your orange gear from the beginning of the game is better. You'll find purple (epic) drops which are less useful than your orange gear because they only get 3 customization slots instead of 4 so they fall behind after a level or so. When you get commendations, you'll only spend them on customizations for your existing custom armor and weapon. Frankly, it's an embarrassment that they let this through since loot is a CRUCIAL part of MMOs.

- PvP is a joke. It's a non-stop stunfest and everybody gets one stun-breaker but then you just get stunned again because every class has multiple stuns. I still had fun PvPing for a while and felt like I was pretty good at it on my Assassin but it just can't be taken even remotely seriously because it's so badly put-together.

- PvP servers? Okay, cool. How many planets do Republic and Empire share? Not many. How many quests on those planets have overlapping areas so Republic and Empire actually encounter each other? Again, not many. As much as I hated when max-level jackasses in WoW would gank and corpse-camp newbies in the early contested areas, not having any viable world PvP is worse.

- Game population was high in starting areas and the main planet for each faction, but very low once you get past the first few planets. For most of the game you'll be alone if you don't form a group before heading out.

- Even once you get a mount/vehicle, traveling around Tatooine and some other planets is TEDIOUS.

- Lightside/darkside choices are stupid. For one thing, some of the choices don't really make sense because breaking the rules to save lives is considered Lightside in some scenarios because you're a hero and Darkside in other scenarios because you broke the rules. I think Bioware doesn't really "get it" when it comes to these choices. But beyond that, the main reason to make LS/DS decisions is either to make your companions like you more or to be able to wear LS/DS equipment. But, since you'll be using the same equipment for the entire game and you probably won't even USE equipment that's specifically Lightside or Darkside, it's kind of a pointless concept.

The equipment thing is a huge deal for me as it hurts the feeling of progression in a major way. Altogether, the game was just clearly a worse version of World of Warcraft. And when you're trying to do exactly what another game does but in a different setting, you'd better make damn sure you have some significant improvements to make it a favorable comparison.

User Info: macheteman

4 years ago#22
Other than what people have said, the game doesn't necessarily have a lot WRONG with it (the engine was and still is a POS though).

Single-player MMO experience with boring end-game equates to not worth a subscription, which is why people stopped playing. The only reason I'm not playing it now that it is F2P, is because I've reached level cap when I had a reason for another class. .

User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#23
I despise it since it ruined our chances for KotOR 3. That being said, it was an ok game but not one I would have wanted to pay monthly for.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#24
any subscription based game has whiners because they want every game to be f2p, half of them don't even play the game just bash it because it's not f2p
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User Info: ElDudorino

4 years ago#25
OrgeLambart posted...
any subscription based game has whiners because they want every game to be f2p, half of them don't even play the game just bash it because it's not f2p

Um, dude, it WENT free to play. That already happened. And people like it about as little now as they did when it came out. The game flopped because most of the people who thought it would be good bought it but then lost interest shortly after it launched.

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#26
As someone who've been sub'd to SWTOR since launch....

SWTOR is a great game... it's issue though were:

1. It's an EA game. It's popular to hate EA now a days so any EA title gets a lot of troll hate.

2. It didn't have a big, hard late game at launch. They put soo much working in the storylines that they were expecting people to reroll alts to enjoy the stories. But there are these so called "hardcore" gamers that rush the game to max level like it was a race... more than EA expected. So those people didn't have much to do. (those people that scream "SPACEBAR" during cut scenes).

3. There were some minor functionality stuff that wasn't put in the game at launch (but months later) like a group finder... something that's kind of standard in MMOs.

The only real legitimate issue with the game now is the game engine and PvP. There's an animation bug that makes it hard to use your powers 100% precisely which turned away the PvP crowd.

I rarely see any other legitimate complaint that what I said. Most of the bad stuff you hear about SWTOR is towards MMOs in general.
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

4 years ago#27
Good input all, honestly.
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