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Suggestions for quality headphones?

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User Info: nighthawk16

3 years ago#1
I wouldn't at all consider myself an audiophile, but none the less I'll be recording and mixing audio for a few student films in the next few months, so I'm looking for something with excellent noise cancelation, comfort, and a clear and dynamic sound stage. And of course after the job I'll be using it mostly for music.

So, any suggestion? Trying not to spend more than $250.
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User Info: ECOsvaldo

3 years ago#2
Take a look at these headphones:

Although these are used more for professional audio monitoring and mixing, the Audio Technica ATH-M50S is, without a doubt, one of the best headphones I've ever used when gaming on my PC. Also, there is no circuitry for noise canceling, but they are extremely noise isolating (I have a hard time trying to hear anything going on around me when I have them on). But, if you're the type who likes to talk/vent/teamspeak/Skype, then these headphones are not meant for you because there is no microphone.

I also use these for working on my music (have not released anything yet since I'm the type of person that starts a project but never finishes it). :D
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#3
I believe that is a good recommendation.
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#4
Go to and conduct some research. Here you are likely to just get recs like the M50s. No knock against that other person but they are headphones that suffer from the newbie cycle. I.E. someone new to good headphones hears them and are amazed since they are much better than the $10 junk they've been using, then rave about them to their newbie friends who are amazed, etc. Then they get recommended to everyone new because there are so many glowing reviews, even though there are other options equally as good, and headphones are a very personalized preference.

It's basically like if everyone had a $400 beater car from the 80s, then some people bought a 2013 Toyota Corolla and were rightfully amazed and gushed about it to everyone, so then the Corolla became the most recommended car even though different people have different needs. Ultimately, you'll want to learn what you want from the following:

open vs closed (basically, open headphones leak more noise but have a better soundstage)
soundstage (big soundstage means sounds are more separated, good for locating noises in games and feeling like you're at a live performance)
sound signature (bass heavy, V-shaped, neutral, focus on upper-mids, etc)
noise isolating vs noice cancelling (very likely the former since "cancelling" requires circuitry and isn't that common, thus greatly limiting your options)
the source components you'll be using (on-board only, internal sound card, external DAC/amp?)

These are the main things to consider and as you can see you'll end up making sacrifices in certain areas to obtain others, which is why I suggest doing a good amount of research. Don't just buy a car because some people on a forum tell you it's good.
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