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Sound recording messed up on Windows 8

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User Info: Dr Jackal

Dr Jackal
4 years ago#1
Whenever I record something with Audacity or Windows Recorder, it sounds weird. Muffled like it is playing through glass or underwater.

I googled it and I saw other people having the same problem. One person fixed it by downloading this other recording software that I have read is loaded with adware. So he might be one of those closet promoters.

I saw on some forum that this was done for DRM so people can't record youtube or online radio and save it and steal music that way or something. Not sure if that was true.

Regardless, I checked and changed every setting I could and it still came out the same way.

Note: this is on board sound recording. Not via microphone. Just recording something from a movie I was playing and saving the clip to my computer. It sounds horribly distorted when I record anything.

Any workarounds for this or anyone know anything about this?
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