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What if half life 3 flops

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User Info: creepjack

3 years ago#21
nIMr0D888 posted...
Half Life is overrated, as a whole I give the series a 7. They did get better as they went along though.

Yeah, it is, regardless of what the people wearing their Valve blinders want to think, and I like Valve.

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

3 years ago#22
Left4Dead3 > Half Life 3.


3 years ago#23
It can always happen of course, but given Valve's trackrecord, I would not say it is likely. They also said Half life 2 could never live up to expectation, and it did.

I am not saying that Valve can not make a mistake, but I think that they are a company that have the control of the distribution and work independent of a publisher to provide resources and interfere with production. Because of that, they can afford to make the games they want and have the luxury of doing things on their own terms. There are only a few developers that have this luxury. Most of them are independent. Blizzard used to be like this and in most ways still is (yes, yes I know Diablo3 right? They also made SC2 though), and some other studios like Rockstar. Generally, this + talent is a recipe for success.

nIMr0D888 posted...
Half Life is overrated, as a whole I give the series a 7. They did get better as they went along though.

Is this your assessment when playing the series now? Or based on playing the series when it came out. Sometimes, you miss out on a lot of things and the experience is not the same when you play a game a decade after it came out. Specifically, for big games like this, things that you now think of as being standard and boring may have been pioneered by those games. You can play Half life, or the original Deus Ex, and tons of other games and be like "I do not see what the fuss is about", but that is because you are missing context. It is easy to say things are overrated. Because what does that mean anyway? And what is the appropriate amount of renown a game like this should have? If you played Half life 2 when it came out, even if you did not like it , I find it kind of hard to imagine that at the time, you could not see some of the obvious appeal.
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User Info: Tyranius2

3 years ago#24
The classic tactical shooters that are GR and R6 make even Half Life and Doom look like COD kids crap. because unlike those games, you actually need to THINK before shooting.
Shame your ignorance fails you

I didn't even mention those games. DV8ing did.

You sound like the ignorant one comparing a common shooter to tactical shooters. Of course GR and Rainbow Six require more thinking. Means jack. CS requires less thinking and that doesn't make it a lesser shooter. Half Life is not trying to be tactical.

GR games fail because they are clunky messes. On a gameplay standpoint, Half Life wins.
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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#25
1. There's no way Half Life 3 lives up to the hype. Not after this long. Probably won't be a a bad game, but it'll almost certainly be a disappointment. Think Deus Ex Syndrome or, possible Oblivion syndrome.

2. Not understanding the concept of different genres or personal preference as to play style doesn't make a more "intellectual" game better or worse than than a pure twitch shooter. Beyond that prattling along about how you don't have to think in *any* multiplayer game just makes you look like the biggest, most pretentious twit in the room.

3. I don't personally care for Half Life 2. Beat it once, and was never able to force myself past Ravenholm ever again. I see the appeal for some people, but it just doesn't do it for me.
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