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Why do you have a gaming mouse?

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User Info: Kalammer

4 years ago#21
Because Boobies.
"My job isn't to offer help in the way that you mean." - Boogiepop

User Info: Blackmon

4 years ago#22
happyscrub1 posted...
I never had one, but thinking about getting one just for SWTOR. Never have a played a game that required soooooo many binds. I think I might get one just to help relieve that issue.

But outside of that, I can't recall any other game in my life where I said to myself "I'm running out of binds"'

So what am I missing?

Exactly for this reason. I wanted an MMO mouse with lots of buttons. The Logitech G600 gaming mouse is perfect. I could never play any game without this mouse now. Works on a lot of games too.

User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#23
basically, more binds on the mouse could never hurt if you bind them right. Say in an FPS game, a lot of people have their guns bound to numbers. They can't move AND switch weapons very fluidly unless they scroll through them with the mouse wheel, which is still sorta slow. Bind them to the mouse, you can be moving, switching to the weapon you need, and never miss a beat. That's just something that I like. Not saying it's a necessity or that it will give you some competitive edge, just that it FEELS better to me. If that, as well as MMO binds, sounds good to you, then that's a good enough reason to pick one up.
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User Info: MaKhaos

4 years ago#24
Because the CM Storm Xornet was cheaper and better than regular mice.
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I explained that they're not weapons since I have no land." -Day[9]
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