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Is piracy a gateway crime to other more serious crimes?

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  3. Is piracy a gateway crime to other more serious crimes?

User Info: cancerstorm

4 years ago#21
piracy is an addictive activity. sooner or later you will become a sex maniac and start raping people

User Info: YoungAdultLink

4 years ago#22
Piracy leads to sex crimes and property damage. I mean, they are known for raping and pillaging.
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User Info: Ravenoussd

4 years ago#23
freezeman posted...
All pirates are murderers.

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User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#24
Pirating gives you terminal lung cancer. Which spurs you into cooking the best meth in the american southwest and distributing it as far as Europe. I know a guy.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#25
Yes. If you let your child download a song illegally, even if they don't even know it's illegal, they'll turn into criminals right away!
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User Info: Jair

4 years ago#26
Who knows how many budding criminals this board as loosed into the world by denying them Humble Bundle codes.

User Info: Smakkyoface

4 years ago#27
Can you imagine what people that pirated GTA IV are capable of?! The madness!
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User Info: pairenoid

4 years ago#28
BendoHendo posted...
If someone would stoop so low as to pirate software from developers, I can't imagine what else they would do.

I think torrents are a gateway to crime. One day you are pirating games, the next day you're out stealing a car that you couldn't download.


you cant imagine what else they would do? really? i think the real question here is how are you so innocent.
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User Info: rpgian

4 years ago#29
Swim pirated some Japanese eroge stuff. 3 months later they had grown tentacles and were sliming he-she/futa's on a daily basis.

Its destructive. It's a gateway thought. Sort of I think therefore I am I am therefore I must burn large amounts California woodlands every year for the news.

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User Info: devlkore

4 years ago#30
Bigj089 posted...
Yes. I started by simply downloading A Link to the Past. Now Im a world wide illegal arms dealer and drug distributor. I also occasionally dabble in sex trafficking, kidnapping, assassination, and extortion as well.

If only I hadnt pirated that first game...

Came to post this.
I just made a fact.
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