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Modern gaming summed up in one .gif. This is why I only play the classics.

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  3. Modern gaming summed up in one .gif. This is why I only play the classics.

User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#31
Except many shooters leave the flanking part out and it turns into a shooting range.

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#32
Worm199 posted...
Gems such as Fallout 3 don't play like that.

lols for 2 reasons

1) Fallout 3 is anything but a gem

2) and Fallout 3 plays EXACTLY like that

User Info: Robtcee13

4 years ago#33
akuma634 posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
TheFeshPince posted...
I love that movie.

What movie is it?

It's actually Police Squad, a short lived tv series that would later lead to the Naked Gun movies. The network didn't get it, the show had no laugh track and the jokes were rapid fire paced so after about 6 episodes the network canceled the show. TV Guide listed that as one of the stupidest reasons to cancel a tv show.

As far as the topic goes, cover shooters make sense, the point is to use tactics. Enemies take cover and try to flank you so you have to find suitable cover and find ways to safely maneuver between cover before you have enemies on all sides of you. It makes more sense then the older shooters where you just absorb bullets and use health kits when they show up.

I actually like older shooters for how little sense they make. If I wanted to play something realistic and tactical, I would absolutely pick up the ARMA series. Plenty of games do that, and I don't like the trend of silly unrealistic games falling into this 'realistic' pattern.
Also flanking mostly doesn't happen in these games, so it really just ends up being a glorified shooting range with poor pacing (what with constantly diving behind a wall and sitting there for 5 seconds doing nothing).
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  3. Modern gaming summed up in one .gif. This is why I only play the classics.

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