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Dark souls is 75% on steam!

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User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#81
akuma634 posted...
I don't get the obsessive fanboys who can't take any criticism for the game. It isn't for everyone and you can't keep pushing it on everyone like it's your religion. You like it and that's fine but there are people who are never going to get into it.

Welcome to the internet. There is no middle ground.

Critically praised games
Garbage - Absolutely no redeeming qualities. I'd rather shoot myself in the face than play.

Excellent - The best thing ever. No flaws. Anyone who disagrees must be trolling.
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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#82
Sergei_Dukanov posted...
Tyranius2 posted...
It makes me want to punch a hole in the wall every 5 minutes. I play games to have fun, not to get mad.
Legit enough for you?

Not really a problem with the game itself. You just don't like how it plays.
It was designed to be difficult, but it's not real difficulty, just tedium.

It's neither. It's unforgiving for the dumb people who play this as a hack n slash. Any decent gamer will have no trouble with Dark Souls.
until you fight the capra demon for the first time. NOT knowing what to do. But after that, smooth sailing!

Capra Demon is one of the easiest bosses.

You can go and **** **. It was not an easy boss. Specially if you never fought or read a guide about it before.

Incidentally, I was lucky my first playthrough, walked into the room, attacked twice with a black knights sword, casted fireball once or twice and it was done. I didn't even get hit.

Always wondered why people said it was a hard boss till I went through again using a different character, promptly getting myself wrecked.
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User Info: InfernalDragon5

3 years ago#83
How about this. I didn't stop playing dark souls because it was too hard. I stopped playing because I got bored. After I beat the naked spider lady, I just went, "Whelp I think I'm going to take a break and play something else" and I never came back to this game.

User Info: matu90rk

3 years ago#84
I really liked DkS but it's far from flawless. I think Dragon's Dogma is the better game, too bad it's most likely not coming to PC.
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