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Anyone play Gnomoria?

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User Info: Amici

4 years ago#1
I gave Dwarf Fortress a try more than a year ago (even downloaded YouTube tutorials to get my feet wet), though I barely scratched that game's surface, played only about 2 weeks then had to drop gaming from my life for work :p

Now I'm back to gaming at least, see this game and it sounds like what I always wanted DF to be :p Can PCH vouch for this heavily DF inspired wannabe?
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User Info: HypnoCoosh

4 years ago#2
Gnomoria... Sounds like an STD
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User Info: JessofBlades

4 years ago#3
I have been playing gnomoria since it was in alpha, it's atm, a simplified DF, with a f***ton better UI, and he adds new fixes/features almost every Wednesday.

I can only imagine where it will go when it starts hitting some of the things in DF like gnomes going crazy and dedicating epic sculptures to cats or having different races to actually do more that fight with, and have diplomatic relations

User Info: Xantose161

4 years ago#4
Even in its current state I found it really fun overall
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