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Are you currently addicted to any PC game right now?

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User Info: snake_5036

4 years ago#61
tf2 and terraria
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#62
It may seem sad, but I'm still addicted to CS:GO. | |

User Info: Dollarman_2005

4 years ago#63
Definitely league of legends. After an account of hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours got banned, I just remade an account and just finally hit level 30 again yesterday. I was up till 6 am playing ranked. I don't even like losing which is what i spend most of the time doing, but I just love the game. Idk man it's stupid.

User Info: AllHailTheDead6

4 years ago#64
yay for FFXIV
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User Info: AtomicPenguin76

4 years ago#65
World of Warcraft, I guess, but I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it since I don't play all that much.

Haven't really been playing much of anything, this has been a terrible year for games.

User Info: atopp399

4 years ago#66
Nah, hasn't been anything since Everquest 2 for me. Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 were both busts. Once in awhile I will go on a TF2 or Left 4 Dead binge but not for a long time.

User Info: mobius5747

4 years ago#67
Awesomenauts. damn adorable 2D side scrolling MOBA
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User Info: TalesOfGod

4 years ago#68
Total War Medieval 2 and it's expansion pack Kingdoms.
(I know Shogun 2 has better graphics but I can't tear myself away from it. Every time I play a hour of Shogun 2, I play two hours of Medieval 2)

(Still obsessed after 11 years?)

Mount and Blade Warband

Now if you'll excuse me...

(I am also playing Tales Of doujinshi/fan made games. If you have Ace Infinity 2 or any of those old ones then please PM me ^.^)

User Info: rking

4 years ago#69
Saints Row 4 has me right now. Previously SR3, which is essentially still the same game so it still counts. - Diablo 2 SP forums
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User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#70
_EggplantWizard posted...
I was just pointing out that most addicts don't do things because they want to. They do them because they need to. You stated that you don't even want to play the game that you keep playing every day. ...sounds like an addiction.
Just saying. be on your maladjusted way, boy.

If you could read, you'd know that I play because there is nothing else to do (at 1 in the morning). Sounds a lot more like someone is bored than someone is an addict.
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