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Nvidia is really screwed now

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User Info: Starks

4 years ago#1
As things stand...

* No demand for Tegra phones and their tablet market is dismal
* Struggling to do a proper ARM chip with on-die LTE
* No x86 SoC like AMD Fusion or the consoles
* Maxwell news not trickling out like it should by now
* No news at all on Project Denver (ARM CPU on 800 series cards)
* Optimus still sucks and has a performance penalty due to all the memory copying
* Nvidia shut down their chipset division years ago and made no attempt to revive it now that it makes sense
* Titan will be soundly dethroned very soon

Waiting for Intel or somebody with the patience to buy out the company

Contrast with AMD's current woes which seem far less serious

* Sticking with Bulldozer-derived cores until 2015ish while Intel laps them with Haswell/Broadwell and Skylake/Skymount
* Not taking ARM CPUs seriously enough and foolishly sold their Adreno/Radeon graphics to Qualcomm

These are fixable problems that can be solved with the endless console royalties about to come through

Face it, Nvidia is screwed
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User Info: wildog2006

4 years ago#2
$5 their drivers will still suck ass
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User Info: sirtonne

4 years ago#3
Not to sound like a troll, but who cares? Whomever is more successful doesn't matter to me as long as they're making good products.

User Info: stmstr

4 years ago#4
sirtonne posted...
Not to sound like a troll, but who cares? Whomever is more successful doesn't matter to me as long as they're making good products.

Some people have fun speculating and discussing this sort of thing.

User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

4 years ago#5
wildog2006 posted...
$5 their drivers will still suck ass

Yes because AMD has been having huge issues with drivers recently. Games like Just Cause 2 and Borderlands being completely broken...

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User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#6
I missed the part where ARM chips were remotely relevant to gaming. Oh wait, they aren't
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User Info: Starks

4 years ago#7
Nvidia's biggest problem is their inability to produce any meaningful entertainment system.

They can't make a Steambox since they have no x86 CPU or motherboard chipsets. They'd have to do some stupid Intel+Nvidia solution and use Intel chipsets, northbridges, etc.

Shield sucks because it's just a glorified Android handheld that can stream stuff from your Intel+Nvidia or AMD+Nvidia (lololol) gaming PC.

If they could churn out pure x86 Nvidia devices, they'd be solid and would've stood a chance at getting console contracts.

But now they just look like a company that can't play nice with anything and uses outdated hardware concepts.

AMD has everything figured out. Pure AMD devices with heterogeneous system architecture, parallelization, and everything working together.
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User Info: Buburibon

4 years ago#8
Starks posted...
*Titan will be soundly dethroned very soon

That's awesome. So, they've managed to beat Titan by 20-30% (soundly), haven't they? Thanks for the heads up, I'll look up some benchmarks. ;-)
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User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

4 years ago#9
Excavator is coming in 2015 (probably late 2015). I wouldn't expect a brand new architecture from AMD for several years, not that they need it. Bulldozer and its derivatives were all building towards HSA, which is going to be realized when Kaveri - which features HUMA - launches at the end of this year. AMD has had tools out and is continuing to work on more. It's already been announced that Java will be fully compliant with HSA specifications in 2015 with Java 9. Companies like Autodesk and Adobe (the two biggest names in content creation) have been introducing products with OpenCL support as well, so they will likely be supporting HSA as well.

When more developers jump on board and support HSA you can bet that AMD is going to **** all over Intel in the future. AMD has gotten itself into a great position, and no one even noticed because they thought AMD wasn't going to amount to anything. Intel will inevitably have to join the HSA foundation and design their hardware to meet HSA specifications, and it's never a good thing when your competitor is the one leading the herd.

It's also worth noting that AMD is a licensee of ARM processor and plans to put out server chips based on A57 in 2014.
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User Info: Starks

4 years ago#10
Intel will never meet HSA standards if they keep insisting that their GPUs don't need anything higher than OpenGL 4.0 (Haswell only) when 4.0 is years old and 4.4 is the current standard.
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