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Nvidia is really screwed now

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User Info: SythisTaru

4 years ago#21
Nvidia does most of the graphics technology research in the WORLD! Whether you like them or not, they are extremely important for the gaming and entertainment industries.

User Info: nIMr0D888

4 years ago#22
Nvidia is a growing presence in the super computing world.

And its funny you mention AMD beating out an architecture that has been around for a year and a half .

User Info: johnny_pay

4 years ago#23
wasnt the big thing with the titan that it has 6gb of onboard memory for a single gpu while everything else has a max of 3gb?

User Info: cloakedboltz

4 years ago#24
If Intel gets hold of nVidia at some point, things might get interesting.

User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#25
Anyone rooting for Nvidia/ATI to push their competitor out of the market is insane - this would of course lead to skyrocketing GPU costs as there would be no competition and GPU innovation would likely grind to a halt as well.
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