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Can anyone recomend me a good desktop?

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  3. Can anyone recomend me a good desktop?

User Info: mexicannon

4 years ago#1
At most I'm willing to spend $950. Preferably want a I7 processor, at least 8 gb of ram, and nvidia graphics card. I also don't want to "build" my computer, I want a all in 1 desktop

User Info: Jocko

4 years ago#2

And then pick what you want. Simple. They're prices are the best you're going to get for pre-built.
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User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

4 years ago#3
If you're building a PC for gaming, don't bother with an i7, it's a waste.
I try, but not very hard, product of my generation-snoochtonooch
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  3. Can anyone recomend me a good desktop?

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