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Dead Space 1 optimal settings

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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#11
PhilOnDez posted...
Asellus posted...
I had a 4670 back then, I guess I was fluctuating around 50-60FPS, never above.

The problem's the physics engine breaking when the game exceeds 60 fps not it requiring v-sync specifically.

It's not only that. Scripted events stop functioning properly if vsync is off. You hit an invisible wall less than 5 minutes into the game and you can't advance past it if you encountered it without vsync on, you have to restart. It's a technical impossibility for him to have beaten the game without vsync.

I think that's also just due to high framerates. I used Virtu which uses a sort of vsync but retains high framerates and I ran into that glitch.

If your computer is terrible you should be fine without vsync.
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User Info: Allmattered

3 years ago#12
Tyranius2 posted...
I beat it without vsync. Like I said, I don't ever use vsync in any game.

I completed the whole game without ever using V-sync as well. Disable V-sync and you will get a huge fps boost, and realize how optimized Dead space engine really is. to TC, dont get the wrong idea; the game is perfectly playable with Kb+M, just adjust the mouse sensitivity when necessary and never put V-sync on. personally, I've never even experienced a single screen tearing with all games I've played with vsync off

Those who disagree are probably too spoilt with their monster PCs. just consult any optimization tweaking game guides for struggling computers, V-sync is always the number one video setting to turn off no matter what
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 years ago#13
I ended up putting everything on max, to test it out, and that works fine. The temperature barely raised. Vsync on, using PS3 controller and remapped RT/LT to be R1/L1
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#14
Ch3wy posted...
If your computer is terrible you should be fine without vsync.

Nope, it happens whether your fps is 60 or 600 if you're not using vsync unless there's a version of the game that magically works that 99% of the population doesn't have access too. I used PrecisionX to cap myself at 60, it made the game physics act 'properly' (twice as fast as they should have been but at least the game was playable) but you hit a literal invisible wall that you can't get past without restarting because a cutscene won't trigger without vsync, even if it's not the game vsync. I hit it four times in a row and so did dozens of other people in the topic I made here back when the EA humble bundle was in full swing with nobody coming forward with evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that framerate caps or crappy GPUs were viable. I use vsync as rarely as the next guy if it can be helped but this just isn't a game where you can disable it and not run into a game breaking issue every few minutes.

I'm not sure about VirtuMVP's 'uncapped' Vsync, my mobo supports it as well but I had to disable it because it broke my nvidia control panel a while back. In this game's case though you'd most likely run in to trouble with that unless you have the terrible computer you mentioned.
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