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Are there any PC games my laptop cannot handle?

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User Info: NoGta4wii

4 years ago#1
Lenovo Y580, plugged in.

CPU: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM (2.40GHz 6MB Cache)

Memory:8GB DDR3

GPU:NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX660M 2GB with DirectX® 11

I was going to originally ask how well my laptop could run most 3D pc games of today, but I didn't want to get called out for being too broad.

User Info: Tommy2GoGo

4 years ago#2
That's a nice laptop.

A lot of games on high settings.
(message deleted)

User Info: GipFace

4 years ago#4
660M is probably worse than a 650, so yeah, a bunch of games your lappy can't max.

User Info: MasterDonGero

4 years ago#5
If you were trying to not ask a broad question, you failed.
3570K (4.8 GHz) | Dual-X 7970 | ASRock Z77 OC Formula | Corsair Vengeance 2x 4 GB | WD Black 1 TB | Corsair TX750 | XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 Kit | NZXT Phantom

User Info: xKynOx

4 years ago#6
Heavily modded Skyrim ,you don't have enough vram

User Info: johnny_pay

4 years ago#7
games like total war might push it to the limit but it should run most games.

User Info: NoGta4wii

4 years ago#8
What about a game like BF4? Would It be able to at least handle it decently? Or Crysis 3?

I have Windows 8 64 bit, if thats even relevant.

User Info: maybecalls

4 years ago#9
Tom's has the 660M in the same performance tier as the HD 7750 (DDR3 version).

User Info: Thuaxiz

4 years ago#10
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