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Holy crap, did I just get amazing deal

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User Info: mexicannon

3 years ago#1
For $1050, I can get a Alienware Aurora with a

Quad-core I7 4th gen processor
3 gb GDRR5 Nvidia 780 gx
32gb ddr3l
2 tb hardrive
Windows 7 64 bit

User Info: bikeblaster

3 years ago#2
kind of
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User Info: snesmaster40

3 years ago#3
Are we not men?

User Info: aak57

3 years ago#4
Do be aware that mobile variants of a GPU are weaker. Though the 780M is still about as strong as a 7970, apparently.
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User Info: redrum187

3 years ago#5
great deal if it's a desktop.
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

User Info: Rhyten

3 years ago#6
Come on guys, that's a great deal. Alienwares usually cost a bunch, it also has a 780. If it's a laptop it's an even better price since they're usually more expensive, even though the 780m isn't as good as the 780.
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#7
great deal for a laptop.

only alright deal for a gaming computer.

also, don't care what anyone says but any above-mid-range-laptop absolutely requires a cooling pad or say goodbye to it within a couple of years of regular gaming.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.

User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

3 years ago#8
Can you people not use Google? It's a desktop. The i7 and 780 alone cost about a grand. Good deal TC.
Fear is a leash.

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

3 years ago#9
Nice steal. DELL is crap but that sweet case is worth $200 alone. That's the only great thing about Alienwares imo.

I have Corsair 600T case which is good in it's own right but I would love to switch it with that Aurora case.

User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#10
That's not bad. You may want to get a better PSU in the future, but I can't really bash that.
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  3. Holy crap, did I just get amazing deal

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