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What tablets do you recommend for the senior set?

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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
4 years ago#1
I'm thinking about getting a tablet for my mother for her 38th anniversary. She's always had trouble with using traditional desktop and laptop computers, but I want to see if there's something a little more accessible for her, especially since most of her relatives are connected and she's still only reached on the home phone or with snail mail. I've heard of people who've gone their entire lives without computers having great success with tablets.

She'll likely just use it for email, Skype video chatting, and general Internet browsing. I doubt she'd want to watch many movies, and she won't play video games. I'd like for it to be big enough for her to be able to read things without using her reading glasses or relying on accessibility features to zoom in on things. Just being able to connect through the router at home or with free Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, and restaurants would be enough, since she and my father like to travel once in a while.

If it's as simple as touching an icon for her to get to an associated email account, or to find the Google homepage, or to start some program like Skype, that would be great. She's generally impatient if I try to help her out, and on her own she never seems to figure things out.

Right now I'm considering the Surface since I'm familiar already with Windows and my primary computer runs Windows 7, plus the USB port and ability to add a keyboard sound attractive.
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User Info: FantasticGabe

4 years ago#2
I use a Kindle Fire HD and I'd suggest it to someone who doesn't care too much about control over their tablet. It's actually pretty nice when rooted but obviously you won't need that.
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User Info: _bugs_bunny_

4 years ago#3
^Yeah my dad has the Fire HD and he loves it, and he's probably the least tech-savvy person I know
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User Info: LB3

4 years ago#4
I dont really like Apple but its the right call for some peole and i think this is one of thise cases. Get her an Ipad. They are safe and easy to use however the downside is that they are overpriced.
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#5
Wait for the iPad 5/Mini 2 to get announced (some time next month iirc) and then get an older iPad on the cheap.
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