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Wow Origin sucks

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User Info: Gregsplintercel

4 years ago#71
Well Origin is no where near as great as Steam but it's ok I guess.

User Info: Xjph

4 years ago#72
DerPancake posted...
My Speed with Steam:

My Speed with Origin:

Origin almost has 2x the speed. Its your connection TC, Origin is already proven to be the better service, it just has less games than steam.

Origin and Steam both max out my 80Mbps connection at just under 10MB/s.

Also, I'm curious as to what exactly has been "proven" in what is mostly a subjective opinion. More likely you just don't understand the concept of proof.
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User Info: GoIrish80

4 years ago#73
staticxtreme5 posted...
JKatarn posted...
staticxtreme5 posted...
I doubt it's my connection when Steam and various speed tests yield the same results, yet Origin doesn't use a quarter of what I should be getting.

When I last downloaded something on Origin it was very near to my Steam download speed, so yes, it must be an issue with your connection/load on servers at the moment.

Just because you didn't have an issue when you downloaded something doesn't mean it's my connection.

Just because you did have an issue when you downloaded something doesn't mean it's Origin.
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